Locals often refer to Orlando as the biggest small town in the country. Our communities are rich with international residents; authentic cuisines and culture of inclusion and acceptance. In March of this year, Orlando was ranked as the 3rd Best City’s for Millennials. If Florida’s long standing reputation for sunshine and white sand beaches isn’t enough, in Orlando millennials can find just the right mix of big city living with access to world class arts, dining and entertainment (you may have heard of a few of our theme parks). It has quickly grown an urban culture with an international community unlike many others. From unique historic neighborhoods with cobbled streets and lined with bungalows, to access of public transportation and a hipster vibe, Millennial’s are a testament to our motto “Orlando, you don’t know the half of it.”

In fact, the richness of the diverse population coupled with our focus on family, the sprawling communities across Orlando neighborhoods are why our city has earned varied national acclaims like Top 10 Fine Dining in the US or Top City for Working Moms. From sprawling estates on Lake Butler’s Chain of Lakes to the vintage bungalows perched on the cobblestone streets of downtown, the city beautiful truly offers a balance of big city living and a suburban lifestyle.

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