As a Mom and Entrepreneur, I’m often asked to speak on how I find the balance between family and business.
My answer is always the same: I don’t.

The days I nail #momboss goals like deciphering complex tax returns and negotiating closing strategies for multiple buyers, are often the days my #momgoal of packing lunches filled with the bounty from my home-composted organic garden turns into tossing granola bars to my boys as they run out the door.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Work-life balance is an urban myth. If there is a secret, I believe it’s building your tribe with partners, associates, and friends that understand the struggles and joys of juggling it all. These are the hands that magically scoop up a dropped ball, or hand you a Tide Pen after room-mom duty.

I am thankful to have Realtor, Nicole Howell in my tribe. Often, we mix negotiating multi-million dollar transactions with overseeing homework and spilled juice (or if we are lucky—wine) with laptops in hand, phones to ears, and working shoulder-to-shoulder to make magic happen for our clients, charities, and children. 

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